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Mezzanine levels or raised storage levels effectively double the footprint of ground level storage, by creating a raised level supported in various ways.

Structural support ensures greater loading capacities per square meter with longer spans between uprights, which ensures increased flow under the support structure.

These systems typically comprise of I beam sections for columns (Vertical Supports) and IPE sections for Horizontal Supports.

Load capacities range from 250Kg per Sq Meter to 1000Kg per Sq Meter - uniformly distributed - but greater loads can be achieved by smaller spans between supports.

Racking, Mini Racking or Shelving supported raised storage areas, drastically reduces the free span or open area under the raised storage system, but offer a much more dense storage system, at a reduced cost when compared to structural supports.

Loading capacity of these systems ranges from 250Kg per Sq meter to 750Kg per Sq meter, depending on application.

A range of floor surfaces, ranging from steel - open or closed - timber and other are available and access to these raised storage levels is achieved via either steel staircases or manual/automated lifts.

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Mezzanine 3D Schematic
1. End Frame 5. Open Steel floor panel
2. Floor support beam 6. Staircase
3. Storage level beam 7. Landing
4. Timber Deck 8. Hand and Knee rail


Palian Mezzanine Floors

Palian Mezzanine Floors

Palian Mezzanine Floors

Palian Mezzanine Floors

Palian Mezzanine Floors