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Based on the same principles of the patented Racklock racking system, Mini Racking offers the same technology, but in a lighter system.

Ideally suited for lighter, yet bulky applications, this system utilises the same End Frame and Beam principles but in smaller section sizes and thicknessses, thus reducing material content and cost.

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Mini Racking 3D Schematic
1. Mini Rack End Frame 4. Eco Plastic Deck
2. Mesh Deck 6. Timber Deck
3. Minirack Seamless Beam 7. Minirack Foot With or Without Rubber Foot


Conventional Racking utilised "Bottle" or U shaped Upright End Frame Vertical supports - Racklock Mini Racking features similar sections, but with 9 additional "Bends" or "Forms" to the same sections.

Conventional Beams or Horizontal support consisted of two "C" sections roll formed or pressed, then joined via welding to create a horizontal beam support. Connectors were welded to the same sections to enable connection to the Upright End Frame. Racklock's patented technology ensured one single seamless section, with integrated connector.

Mini Racking

These innovations ensured the following features and benefits:

  • Increased strength.
  • Increased safety ratings.
  • Better stability of system.
  • Less deflections of all load bearing components.
  • Reduced dirt build up due to "seamless" type of section ensuring a more hygienic storage system.
  • Increased coating durability.

**All of the above Features and Benefits were independently verified via a team of independant professional engineers utilizing the largest metallurigical laboratory in the country. Copies of the same reports, annually updated, are available on request.**


Mini Racking

Mini Racking

Mini Racking

Mini Racking

Mini Racking


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