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Palian (Pty) Ltd has had a long-standing relationship with a premium Pet Food Manufacturer. Having been involved with several of their projects over the last few years, the latest installation being their largest project to date.

Planning started in March 2016, the main goal was to optimize their current Warehouse and add new racking to the additional 4000 m² warehousing space they acquired.

The plan:

Redesign and reconfigure the existing racking in their Finished Goods Warehouse – By merely changing the footprint of the existing racking and decreasing the Aisle sizes, we not only increased productivity and ease of flow within the facility, we also managed to add additional 2500 pallet positions with more valuable space to grow.

New facility, Raw Material Warehouse – A total of 1800 Patented RACKLOCK FORGED Beams with frames were installed to get to a total of 2550 pallet position within this facility.

Palian Racking Project

The installation of the Raw Material Warehouse started on the 23rd of November 2016 and was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Giving the customer valuable time to move stock to the newly installed racking, freeing up the existing racking. Installation commenced on the 15th of December 2016 and was completed by the End of January 2017. Completing the project 20 days ahead of schedule.

Our biggest challenge was working in an operational warehouse.

The key to our success was working closely with the customer and having a trustworthy contractor onsite with years of experience.