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Very narrow Aisle Pallet Racking system

The installation at a leading ecommerce retailer in JHB. The Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) pallet racking system marks a significant step forward in optimizing storage efficiency. The newly implemented racking system features strategically positioned beam levels, each equipped with sturdy closed-slatted timber decking measuring 25 mm in thickness. This choice of decking not only ensures the safe placement of varied inventory but also enhances the durability and load-bearing capacity of the racking structure. 

Furthermore, an innovative addition to the setup is the integration of a single-run cargo netting system. This netting solution provides an additional layer of security, preventing items from accidentally falling off the racks while maintaining excellent visibility and accessibility for workers. This safety measure contributes to a more secure and organized warehouse environment. 

By combining the precision of the VNA pallet racking system, the robustness of closed-slatted timber decking, and the practicality of single-run cargo netting, the storage solution has created an optimized storage facility that enhances operational efficiency and safety standards. This strategic installation underscores Palian’s commitment to innovation and excellence in warehouse management.