Closeup of Pushback Racking


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What is Pushback Racking? 

Pushback Racking is ideal for storing medium-turnover products, using the LIFO (or Last In, First Out) system. This bulk storage system allows up to 2 to 6 pallets deep to be stored on both sides of an aisle.  A warehouse can gain 25% to 55% more storage space. 

Orange Yellow and Blue Pushback Racking
Closeup of Pushback racking from the front
Pushback racking from the side with blue and orange beams

High-density storage 

Increased pallet storage capacity 

Each level can be used to store a different SKU 

Interlocking carts prevent dangerous jamming 

Faster pick rates 

The best possible use is made of the space available 

A clear logistical process 

Optimal use of warehouse space 

Solution for non-stackable pallets 

Minimal rack damage 

Increased productivity and reduced MHE travel time