Industrial Racking systems

Industrial Racking systems, in all their forms and applications, has been utilised since the early 1940s to increase floor space. By utilising End Frames (Vertical supports) and Beams (Horizontal Beams) the entire height of buildings and cubic space of the structure can be optimised.

These components are manufactured in various sizes, to accommodate the product stored and retrieved via the applicable handling equipment, but the basics of “Frames and Beams” remain. The Racklock system simply improved the same principles via better interlocking methods, manufactured in the most automated form, to ensure increased safety ratings and aesthetics.

Conventional systems simply “connected” Horizontal support to Vertical support, Racklock Racking ensures the same principle is achieved in such a manner that every single engineering principle of load-bearing is optimised to the full potential. All of these improvements are then offered to our customers at an affordable price, backed by proven reliability in service – it simply does not get any better.


Conventional Racking utilised “Bottle” or U shaped Upright End Frame Vertical supports – Racklock features similar sections, but added 15 to 20 additional “Bends” or “Forms” to the same sections.

Conventional Beams or Horizontal support consisted of two “C” sections roll-formed or pressed, then joined via welding to create a horizontal beam support. Connectors were welded to the same sections to enable connection to the Upright End Frame. Racklock’s patented technology ensured one single seamless section, with an integrated connector.

1. Patented 125 mm Seamless Forged Beam 7. Plastic Eco Deck
2. Patented 90 mm Seamless Forged Beam 8. Tubular Row End Protectors
3. Wooden Pallet 9. Rack Frame
4. Pallet Support Saddle 10. Column Protector
5. Timber Deck 11. Seamless Welded Beam
6. Mesh Deck 12. Back Stop Beam

                          PATENTED RACKLOCK FORGED BEAM.                                                              WELDED SEAMLESS BEAM VS PATENTED RACKLOCK FORGED BEAM

These innovations ensured the following features and benefits:

  • Increased strength.
  • Increased safety ratings.
  • Better stability of the system.
  • Fewer deflections of all load-bearing components.
  • Reduced dirt build-up due to “seamless” type of section ensuring a more hygienic storage system.
  • Increased coating durability.

**All of the above Features and Benefits were independently verified via a team of independent professional engineers utilizing the largest metallurgical laboratory in the country. Copies of the same reports, annually updated, are available on request.**