Gray Boltless shelving close up


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What is Boltless Shelving? 

Shelving systems are the most basic storage solution for smaller products of a much lighter nature. 

The Boltless Shelving system is constructed via Angle Uprights and Shelves that are connected to the Uprights with a fully boltless shelf connector clip. 

This Boltless Shelving system can carry 80kg – 250kg per shelf (UDL) and support a variety of accessories for various applications. 

This system can be fitted with a variety of back and side panels from welded mesh to solid and perforated panels. 

Boltless Shelving left side view

No nuts & bolts required 

Increased strength 

Increased stability 

Easy adjustability of shelf levels 

Ideal for small part and archive storage 

Can be converted to a multi-tier system 

This system also allows for various storage accessories such as back & side panels, dividers, bin fronts and pull out trays. 

Ideal for storing multiple product lines 

Increases your current storage capacity 

Creates opportunity for easy stock control