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Very narrow Aisle Racking system

In 2007\08 one of the largest Logistics Company was awarded the renewal contract to handle all logistics and distribution for a International Apparel & Footwear Company, situated in Goodwood, Cape Town. A New facility was being built to increase current stock holding to fulfil the increase in demand within the market. Working closely with the customer and our team in order to design a Very narrow Aisle system, increasing the number of Pallets stored to an excess of 9100 pallets

Palian (Pty) Ltd was again approached by the same customer in 2012\13 to assist in the optimization of their existing facility in order to expand the facility to accommodate a further 7480 Pallet location in order to meet the needs and to secure future business, meet the demands set by their customer and the market. Essentially to double its existing capacity, Totalling 16580 pallet positions.

The 2nd Phase of the warehouse constructed in 2012\13, was awarded to Palian (Pty) Ltd in 2017/18 to add a further 2508 pallet locations. Increasing the total bulk pallet storage to 19 096 Bulk pallets stored.

In order to remain competitive in the market place and meet the high demands and turn over, the customer upgraded their fleet of VNA trucks and made the decision to install a wire guided system, optimizing the efficiencies and minimizing loss of valuable warehouse space by increasing the height of the racking. This also allowed them to decrease the number of trucks in their fleet but increase productivity. Also by installing the wire guided system they decreased the number of damages to their racking system.

Proving our reputation as the number one manufacturer in the market, all projects were completed and signed off well within the allotted times.