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mini racking and steel decking

ALPLA Packaging is implementing a perfect solution to optimize their Fire Store with the installation of mini racking and steel decking. The sturdy steel decking adds an extra layer of durability and safety, providing a reliable foundation for heavy-duty storage. With this advanced system in place, ALPLA Packaging can streamline its inventory management processes, enhance accessibility, and facilitate seamless operations within the Fire Store.  


At ALPLA Packaging, the Parts Department has undergone a transformative upgrade with the installation of mini racking accompanied by durable timber decking and storage bins. This innovative solution optimizes the available space and enhances efficiency, allowing for organized storage of various parts and components. The mini racking system provides a practical and versatile storage solution, accommodating a wide range of items in an orderly manner. 


The inclusion of robust timber decking ensures the stability and durability of the racking, while the storage bins facilitate easy access and retrieval of parts. This improved setup not only streamlines operations but also promotes a safer and more productive working environment for the ALPLA Packaging team.