Auto X

Heavy Duty pallet racking solutions

Palian successfully fulfilled the needs of Auto X in Bloemfontein by providing a robust and efficient heavy-duty pallet racking solution. With our commitment to excellence, we manufactured, delivered, and installed a system to suit the customers needs. 

To ensure durability and strength, we utilized our specially crafted Box Beam Sections. These sections were meticulously rolled and formed on a C-section mill using 1.6 mm thick certified hot rolled steel. By welding two C sections together, we created a sturdy and reliable boxed beam section. These box beams were designed and manufactured by Palian to handle a substantial Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) of 3,900 kg per pair. 

Moreover, we supplied the customer with Frames designed to withstand a remarkable carrying capacity of 16,000 kg each. These frames were carefully chosen based on the beam levels indicated on the certified loading chart. The sections of the frames were roll formed from 2.5 mm certified grade material, ensuring utmost strength and reliability. Additionally, all bracing used to join the uprights and form the end frames were roll formed from 1.2 mm hot rolled, certified quality steel. 

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding the equipment and ensuring workplace safety, we went a step further by incorporating Palian’s column protectors and c-channel row end protection. These protective measures not only enhance the durability of the uprights and row ends but also prevent potential damage and minimize the risk of accidents. 

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Palian has once again delivered a superior heavy-duty pallet racking solution to Auto X in Bloemfontein. Our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing such systems ensures that our customers can rely on us for efficient storage solutions that stand the test of time.