cutting-edge APR Racking system

Palian Manufacturing revolutionized Cipla’s storage infrastructure by implementing the cutting-edge APR Racking system, accompanied by versatile Bolted Angle shelving, equipped with convenient side and back panels to enhance organization and safety. This strategic upgrade further included carton flow mechanisms, optimizing inventory management and streamlining order fulfillment for seamless operations. 

To ensure robust support and stability, Racking Pedestals were thoughtfully integrated into the system, effectively enhancing load-bearing capacities and overall durability. This innovative solution was tailored to meet the specific needs of renowned pharmaceutical giant, Cipla, guaranteeing a seamless fit for their diverse range of products. 

The collaboration between Palian Manufacturing and Cipla signifies a forward-thinking approach to warehouse optimization, showcasing the importance of advanced storage solutions in a rapidly evolving industry. With the newly implemented APR Racking and complementary features, Cipla can now experience heightened efficiency, improved inventory control, and a competitive edge in the market.