Crown National

2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine

Crown National, a leading supplier in the food industry, is constantly seeking innovative ways to optimize their storage solutions while maintaining superior operational efficiency. In this pursuit, they have adopted a groundbreaking approach that ingeniously combines the advantages of a 2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine and an APR (Adjustable Pallet Racking) system. This unprecedented synergy has ushered in a new era of warehousing efficiency, enhancing inventory management, and streamlining operations like never before. 


The Integration of 2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine: 

The 2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine is an ingenious solution designed to capitalize on vertical space and create a second level of storage without compromising on floor space. By utilizing sturdy racks that support the mezzanine structure, Crown National has effectively doubled their storage capacity. The implementation of this feature maximizes the use of overhead space, which would otherwise remain underutilized. Consequently, this minimizes the need for expansion or relocation, leading to substantial cost savings. 


APR Racking System: A Perfect Fit for Crown National’s Needs: 

The integration of the APR Racking System complements the 2-Tier Mezzanine perfectly. APR provides Crown National with an adaptable and efficient method of storing palletized goods. With its adjustable shelving heights, it caters to the diverse range of products that Crown National deals with. The APR system not only simplifies stock rotation and inventory management but also ensures easy access to products, significantly reducing retrieval time. The result is a seamless warehousing process, enabling Crown National to fulfill orders with exceptional speed and accuracy. 


Benefits and Future Prospects: 

The combined solution of the 2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine and the APR Racking System has yielded remarkable results for Crown National. The optimized storage capacity and streamlined operations have allowed them to cope with increasing demands while maintaining their commitment to quality and timely delivery. 

Looking ahead, Crown National plans to explore automation options to further elevate their efficiency and productivity. By introducing robotic systems for order picking and retrieval, they aim to reduce manual labor requirements and improve overall warehouse safety. Additionally, integrating a smart inventory management system will enable real-time tracking of goods, enhancing stock control and minimizing stockouts. 


The integration of a 2-Tier Rack Supported Mezzanine and the APR Racking System has proven to be a game-changer for Crown National’s warehousing needs. The combination of vertical storage and versatile pallet racking has enabled them to optimize their space, increase storage capacity, and enhance operational efficiency. By staying committed to innovation and continuously seeking ways to improve, Crown National is poised to remain at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for warehousing excellence.