De Beers Group

bolted shelving system & cantilever racking system

De Beers, a renowned mining company, has requested Palian Manufacturing to implement a storage solution on one of their mining vessels. This innovative system combines a pre-galvanized bolted shelving system with a powder-coated cantilever racking system, ensuring optimal organization and efficient use of limited space. 

The pre-galvanized bolted shelving system provides sturdy and durable shelves that can withstand the demanding conditions of a mining vessel. Its corrosion-resistant properties guarantee long-lasting performance and protection of stored items. 

Complementing the shelving system, the powder-coated cantilever racking system offers a versatile storage solution for large and irregularly shaped items. Designed to maximize accessibility and ease of use, it allows efficient loading and unloading of materials, contributing to improved productivity on the vessel. 

By integrating these two advanced storage systems, De Beers has enhanced their operational efficiency while ensuring the safety and security of their valuable inventory. This innovative solution not only optimizes space utilization but also streamlines inventory management processes, enabling De Beers to maintain a well-organized and efficient mining vessel, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.