DSV Raceway

2-Tier structural steel mezzanine floor & bolted angle shelving

Palian proudly completed the installation of a 2-Tier structural steel mezzanine floor accompanied by bolted angle shelving at DSV. This comprehensive solution optimizes storage space and enhances operational efficiency for their logistics needs. 

The structural steel mezzanine floor, expertly designed and installed by Palian, adds an additional level of storage capacity without compromising the floor space below. This intelligently engineered solution effectively doubles the available storage area, allowing DSV to efficiently store and organize their inventory. 

To further maximize storage capabilities, we integrated bolted angle shelving into the mezzanine floor system. This versatile shelving solution offers robust and adjustable shelves, providing flexibility to accommodate items of various sizes and weights. By implementing Palian’s bolted angle shelving, DSV gains an organized and easily accessible storage solution that enhances their productivity and inventory management. 

The combination of the 2-Tier structural steel mezzanine floor and bolted angle shelving demonstrates Palian’s commitment to providing innovative storage solutions. DSV can now optimize their storage space, effectively utilize vertical areas, and streamline their logistics operations. 

With Palian’s expertise in designing and installing tailored storage solutions, DSV benefits from an efficient and reliable system that meets their unique requirements. The integration of the 2-Tier structural steel mezzanine floor and bolted angle shelving ensures that DSV’s storage needs are met while maintaining a smooth and productive workflow.