DSV Solar City

Mezzanine Floor with Carton Flow pick faces and a conveyor system 

Palian successfully installed a cutting-edge Mezzanine Floor with Carton Flow pick faces, seamlessly integrated with a conveyor system at DSV. This comprehensive solution revolutionizes their warehousing operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

The Mezzanine Floor, skillfully designed and installed by Palian, provides DSV with additional storage space without compromising valuable floor area. This intelligently engineered solution effectively utilizes vertical space, allowing for optimal organization and accessibility of inventory. 

To further optimize order picking processes, we integrated Carton Flow pick faces into the Mezzanine Floor system. This innovative feature enables a streamlined flow of cartons, ensuring quick and efficient order fulfillment. With the Carton Flow pick faces, DSV’s staff can easily access and replenish inventory, minimizing picking times and maximizing productivity. 

Additionally, Palian integrated a conveyor system into the Mezzanine Floor, further streamlining the material handling process. This integration enables seamless movement of goods, reducing manual labor and expediting the transfer of products throughout the warehouse. 

The combination of the Mezzanine Floor with Carton Flow pick faces and the integrated conveyor system showcases Palian’s commitment to providing advanced warehousing solutions. By implementing this state-of-the-art system, DSV benefits from optimized storage space, efficient order picking, and streamlined material handling processes. 

With Palian’s expertise in designing and installing tailored storage solutions, DSV can elevate their warehousing capabilities and achieve greater operational efficiency. The Mezzanine Floor with Carton Flow pick faces, integrated with a conveyor system, enables DSV to meet the demands of their customers swiftly and effectively.