Hirt & Carter

Racking with Closed-slatted timber decking

Palian Manufacturing has seamlessly implemented a robust warehouse solution catering to the multifaceted needs of Hirt & Carter, a prominent multinational creative, digital, and printing powerhouse located in Ndabeni, Cape Town. This strategic collaboration has brought forth a transformative upgrade to Hirt & Carter’s operational efficiency. 

The implemented solution encompasses an array of meticulously chosen products, each serving a distinct purpose.  

The integration of Polypal Racking with Closed-slatted timber decking optimizes the storage space and allows for heavier products to be stored, while the Mini Racking offers a more compact yet efficient storage solutions for lighter products. 

The Cantilever Racking enables the organized storage of elongated or irregularly shaped items, ensuring easy access and retrieval.  

The amalgamation of these distinct storage solutions exemplifies Palian Manufacturing’s commitment to tailor-made excellence. 

Through this collaboration, Hirt & Carter stands poised to streamline its inventory management, enhance order fulfillment, and amplify overall productivity.