Ina Paarmans

APR Racking installation

Palian Manufacturing assisted Ina Paarman Kitchens by improving their operational

efficiency by implemented APR Racking system.

Standing tall at 13200mm, this state-of-the-art racking solution boasts 7 beam levels,

each ingeniously designed to support a substantial carrying capacity of 3000kg/UDL.

This innovative racking system has ushered in a new era of streamlined storage,

providing an impressive total of 7900 pallet positions. This means that Ina Paarman

Kitchens can now seamlessly store and organize their inventory with enhanced

precision and accessibility.

The introduction of the APR Racking system not only optimizes storage density but also

ensures the safety and stability of stored items. By efficiently utilizing vertical space, this

installation effectively maximizes the facility's storage potential, freeing up valuable floor space for other essential operations.

Ina Paarman Kitchens has taken a significant step towards elevating their logistical

prowess with the APR Racking installation. The combination of impressive height,

robust load-bearing capacity, and abundant pallet positions make this solution a game-

changer in the realm of storage infrastructure.