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2-Tier Pick Module and Structural Mezzanine Floor

Jonsson Workwear’s operational efficiency was taken to new heights with the seamless integration of a 2-Tier Pick Module and Structural Mezzanine Floor. This visionary installation revolutionized their warehousing and order fulfillment processes, optimizing space utilization and productivity. 

By incorporating the 2-Tier Pick Module, Jonsson Workwear significantly expanded their storage capacity without compromising on accessibility. This ingenious system allowed for efficient organization and retrieval of goods, streamlining their logistics operations. Moreover, the Structural Mezzanine Floor provided an ingenious solution to utilize vertical space, doubling the available floor area. 

The installation not only improved order picking speed and accuracy but also enhanced workplace safety. Robust guardrails, integrated staircases, and well-designed access points ensured smooth material flow and secure work environments for employees. 

In conclusion, Jonsson Workwear’s investment in the 2-Tier Pick Module and Structural Mezzanine Floor underscored their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This transformational project has positioned them at the forefront of their industry, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence.