VNA APR Racking system, 3-Tier Structural Mezzanine floor & 3-Tier Rack supported pick module

Palian Manufacturing recently implemented an innovative solution to enhance Kevro’s warehouse facility. The installation of the cutting-edge VNA APR Racking system, along with a state-of-the-art 3-Tier Structural Mezzanine floor and a highly efficient 3-Tier Rack supported pick module, has significantly optimized Kevro’s storage and retrieval processes. 

By integrating the VNA APR Racking system, Kevro has effectively maximized their available vertical space. This advanced system enables them to store a greater volume of goods in a compact footprint, thereby increasing their overall storage capacity. With improved accessibility and organization, the retrieval of items has become faster and more efficient, minimizing downtime and streamlining the workflow. 

The addition of the 3-Tier Structural Mezzanine floor has further optimized the space utilization within the warehouse. This elevated platform offers additional storage space while maintaining a safe and secure environment for workers. The implementation of the mezzanine floor has allowed Palian Manufacturing to effectively utilize the vertical space above ground level, eliminating any wasted areas and maximizing their operational efficiency. 

To facilitate seamless order fulfillment and enhance order picking capabilities, the integration of a 3-Tier Rack supported pick module has proven to be instrumental. This module incorporates strategically positioned racks, making it easier for warehouse personnel to access and retrieve items quickly. The improved visibility and accessibility have led to a reduction in errors and increased productivity during the order fulfillment process. 

Overall, the installation of the VNA APR Racking system, 3-Tier Structural Mezzanine floor, and 3-Tier Rack supported pick module at the Kevro facility has revolutionized Palian Manufacturing’s warehousing operations. With enhanced storage capacity, optimized space utilization, and improved order fulfillment processes, Palian Manufacturing is now better equipped to meet customer demands efficiently and effectively. These advancements in their warehouse infrastructure position Palian Manufacturing as a leader in the industry, ensuring their continued success in a highly competitive market.