pallet racking system, open slatted timber decks, structural mezzanine floor & pick mezzanine floor

Our company proudly provided a comprehensive solution for one of the leading merchants in the plumbing, bathroom, and kitchenware industry: from manufacturing to delivery and installation of a complete warehouse system. Our solution encompasses various components tailored to meet the unique needs of Plumblink. 

For efficient storage and organization, we provided top-quality pallet racking systems. These robust structures offer maximum durability and flexibility, allowing for the safe and easy stacking of goods. Additionally, our open slatted timber decks ensure proper airflow and prevent moisture build-up, ensuring the preservation of delicate products. 

To enhance safety and optimize space utilization, our cargo netting solutions securely contain loose items, preventing accidental falls or shifting during storage or transportation. Moreover, our structural mezzanine floor maximizes the available vertical space, enabling the client to expand their storage capacity without the need for costly building expansions. 

Lastly, we offer a pick mezzanine floor that streamlines the order picking process, facilitating quick and efficient retrieval of items for dispatch. Our expert team handles every aspect, from design to installation, ensuring a seamless experience and delivering a warehouse solution that exceeds expectations. 

In summary, our integrated solution provides the largest plumbing, bathroom, and kitchenware merchant with a state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure that optimizes storage, safety, and operational efficiency.