bolted shelving, mini racking and workbenches

Palian proudly completed the installation of bolted shelving, mini racking, and workbenches at Supergroup’s new car dealership, housing renowned brands such as Jeep, Citroen, Alfa Romeo, and Peugeot. Our comprehensive solutions cater to the unique requirements of this dynamic automotive environment. 

To optimize storage efficiency, we implemented bolted shelving system. This versatile solution offers adjustable shelves that can accommodate light weights products of automotive parts, tools, and accessories. By utilizing our expertise in designing and installing bolted shelving, we ensured Supergroup’s dealership benefits from a streamlined and organized storage space, enhancing productivity and accessibility. 

Additionally, our mini racking system was integrated seamlessly into the dealership’s operations. Compact and space-saving, this specialized solution allows for the efficient storage of heavier items, optimizing the use of available space without compromising accessibility. The mini racking system provided by Palian ensures that Supergroup can store and retrieve essential components with ease, enabling their team to work efficiently and effectively. 

Furthermore, we installed workbenches tailored to Supergroup’s specific needs. These sturdy and functional workstations offer ample workspace for technicians and mechanics to perform repairs, maintenance, and assembly tasks. Palian’s workbenches are designed with durability and ergonomic considerations in mind, allowing the dealership’s staff to work comfortably and safely. 

With our expertise in providing comprehensive storage solutions, Palian has successfully equipped Supergroup’s new car dealership with top-of-the-line bolted shelving, mini racking, and workbenches. By choosing Palian, Supergroup can optimize their storage capabilities and enhance the overall efficiency of their operations, ensuring a seamless experience for their valued customers.