Determining the Required Warehouse Racking

Baldwin Filters warehouse Pallet Racking aisle view

Determining the Required Warehouse Racking

Estimating the “right” amount of pallet racking can be a complex task, as it’s subject to a multitude of factors, each varying with the specifics of the warehouse, inventory, and operational conditions.

Crucial Factors:

1. Warehouse Size

The dimensions of your building, notably the floor area and height available for racking, form fundamental inputs to your calculations.

2. Racking Area

Not all warehouse space can or should be allocated to racking. You need to ascertain the specific area dedicated to the racking system.

3. Pallet Rack Weight Limit

The capacity of your racking must safely support the loads placed upon it. Be sure to account for the weight of your inventory on per level basis.

4. Inventory Weight

Remember to consider the average weight of your palletized inventory and ensure your racking system can adequately support it.

5. Number of Levels

Depending on your products and lifting equipment, you’ll need to determine how many levels each racking unit should have.

6.Type of Racking

The choice of racking system (e.g., Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR), Drive-In Racking, Cantilever Racking, Push Back Racking) can greatly impact your storage density.

Operational Factors Impacting Racking Requirements:

1. Inventory Turn

Your inventory turnover rate effectively measures how frequently your inventory is replaced. This will impact the number of pallet spaces needed.

2. Stock per SKU

The average days of stock maintained for each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) may influence the number of pallet spaces required for each SKU.

3. Seasonality

Accounting for seasonal fluctuations in inventory volumes ensures the racking system can accommodate peak demand periods.

Given the complexity of these factors and their interdependencies, determining the correct racking requirement necessitates a comprehensive analysis. 

We’re here to help you optimize your warehouse space. If you’re ready to take the next step and ensure your racking system is tailored to your unique needs, consider engaging with our specialists experienced in warehouse design and space planning for a precise assessment. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can enhance your warehouse efficiency.

Please note that this is a broad guide, and the specifics may vary depending on individual circumstances and business requirements.