A More Efficient Storage System

AKS Lining Systems is a rapidly growing company located in Cape Town, South Africa. They manufacture thermoplastic casting accessories in their own factory and currently export their products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

The more efficient storage system

When AKS Lining Systems began to grow out of their existing premises, they not only needed more space for their next factory, but also a more efficient storage system. In their previous premises, they used a drive-in storage system, which limited their turnover of the raw material inventory and meant that they didn’t utilise their entire storage capacity. Another problem to solve was that all raw materials are imported and arrive at the factory in containers and not on standardised pallets. The material weighs a lot, approximately 1,500 kg per pallet, and is spread over several different pallet sizes.

The perfect solution

The project manager at AKS Lining Systems had previously worked with storage systems and was already familiar with the concept of pallet management systems. He got in touch with Chris Welthagen at Palian, our South African partner. Chris quickly realised that Radioshuttle™ would be the perfect solution for them.

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