VERMONT SALES – A Success Story in Warehouse Relocation and Optimization 

In 2015, Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd demonstrated its expertise by assisting a Leading Wholesaler and Distributor with a seamless relocation to a larger 4000sqm warehouse facility. The client’s brief was clear: move their existing warehouses into the newly acquired space while significantly increasing SKU capacity and maintaining maximum productivity. 

Extensive collaboration and planning ensued between the warehouse, operations managers, and Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, culminating in the selection of the ideal solution – the Palian Catwalk Racking System. 

The project kicked off in August 2015, with the 1st Phase involving the manufacturing of the Catwalk System, which was promptly delivered and installed in December 2015. The smooth execution continued in 2020 with the 2nd Phase, which added three additional runs to the catwalk system, creating more bulk picking levels. On the ground floor, Palian’s Mini Racking was set up to enhance fine picking capabilities. 

Building on their track record of excellence, Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd completed the 3rd Phase in July 2021, adding four more runs to the catwalk system for further bulk picking levels. The first floor of the catwalk now houses Palian’s Mini Racking, optimizing fine picking operations. 

The project’s resounding success can be attributed to two pivotal factors. Firstly, Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd worked closely with the customer’s specialists from the project’s inception, ensuring transparency and constant updates throughout the manufacturing and installation process. Secondly, maintaining open lines of communication with the installers ensured the project remained on schedule and met all objectives. 

The result of this exemplary collaboration was yet another satisfied customer added to Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd’s roster, cementing their reputation for delivering superior products and excellent customer service. 

Vermont Sales’ partnership with Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd stands as a testament to the latter’s capability in handling complex warehouse relocations and optimization projects. As the industry continues to evolve, Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd remains at the forefront, dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs with innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence.