Value Logistics – Botle Buhle Brands

Value Logistics – Botle Butle Brands Project: Efficiently Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Excellence 

In early 2021, Value Logistics Pomona faced the need for additional storage space for their esteemed client, Botle Butle Brands. They entrusted the project to Palian Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, impressed by the company’s reputable name and competitive quotation for supplying racking to Botle Butle Brand’s facility in Pomona AH, Kempton Park. 

Palian Manufacturing was awarded the project in March 2021, with a tight timeline to begin installation on 1st May 2021 and complete it by 1st June 2021. Despite encountering a national steel shortage at the time, Palian’s efficient team worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s success. They promptly assisted with site measurements, technical drawings, warehouse design, and the supply and installation of 3066 pallet positions of Adjustable Pallet Racking, suitable for ambient temperatures. 

A major hurdle arose due to delays in receiving raw materials, but Palian’s dedication and ingenuity prevailed. The team managed to manufacture the required racking within an astonishingly short time, just a week and a half. This feat was achieved by arranging a special tool that allowed the forging of beams to the precise 2745mm size with welded beam brackets, eliminating other time-consuming manufacturing processes. 

Botle Butle Brands’ standard racking design called for specific beam sizes, and Palian’s solution proved highly effective in meeting those requirements swiftly. To ensure utmost customer satisfaction and safety, the racking was further fortified with plastic 3-piece clip-on protectors on all frame uprights, along with tubular row-end protection at row ends and both sides of the transverse aisles. 

Despite facing the challenge of receiving only 70% of the racking material on-site within the last two weeks before the completion date, Palian and their installation partner, RSI, rose to the occasion. With unwavering commitment, they increased the size of their on-site team as soon as the bulk of the material arrived, enabling them to achieve the remarkable feat of completing the racking installation on the 31st of May 2021. 

The Value Logistics – Botle Butle Brands Project showcased the seamless collaboration between Value Logistics, Palian Manufacturing, and RSI, resulting in an efficient, timely, and successful storage solution for Botle Butle Brands. Despite unforeseen challenges, the project stands as a testament to Palian’s capability to deliver excellence even under stringent conditions, solidifying their position as a reliable partner in the logistics industry.